Kwikot Gasmate 5L Gas Geyser

Kwikot Gasmate 5L Gas Geyser

The Kwikot Gasmate 5L Gas Geyser is suitable for the immediate supply of hot water for kitchen sinks and preparation bowls, laundry wash troughs, and bathroom hand basins.

This models is of a natural flue type, automatic water control operation with a flow stabilizing device, and efficient combusting system with pulse ignition.

The battery ignition is by 2 x D Cell Torch Batteries, which provides the power to open the gas solenoid and fire the igniters when the water flow is detected. Once the gas is ignited, the igniters cease firing and the water heats up immediately.

This gas geyser operates on Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) and with the option of natural gas.


  • Water heating energy efficiency class: A
  • Type of installation: Internal
  • Maximum heat input: 10.1kW
  • Maximum heat output: 8.9kW
  • Pmax efficiency: 89%
  • Gas inlet pressure: 3.7kPa
  • Maximum gas flow rate: 0.79kg/h
  • Maximum working pressure: 10bar
  • DHW flow rate @ 25°C: 5.1l/m
  • DHW flow rate @ 50°C: 2.6l/m
  • Power supply voltage (2 x 1.5V DC): 3V
  • Dimensions [L x W x D]: 452 x 280 x 129mm
  • Weight: 5kg