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About Pendant Lights

Pendant lights, also known as light pendants or hanging lights, are sole light fittings that hang from the ceiling. Hanging lights are often used in groups, multiple light pendants hung in a straight line over a dinner table or a line of pendant lights suspended over a kitchen counter-top.

Pendant lights can also be hung individually if that's what the room calls for. For example, you can hang a pendant light over a side table for functional lighting. Hanging lights can also help you save more space as they don't take up as much counter space like desk lamps do.

What might make one choose pendant lights over other alternatives is the fact that pendant lighting can be both practical and aesthetic. When looking to buy pendant lights, you have to consider all the different sizes, materials, and shapes that they come in. But ultimately, you are spoiled for choice as pendant lights vary greatly. This makes pendant lighting a key component of interior design.

When choosing pendant lights for sale in South Africa, first consider the room in which they will live. Lighting serves a different purpose in different rooms. You may choose your pendant lights based on the mood that you'd like to create in the room. Or you could choose to use them as task or functional lighting for a particular room. You have to also consider your existing setup and décor, and make sure that your new pendant lighting will compliment the room.

In your kitchen, which is often a work space, you want your pendant lights to primarily play a functional role. Providing clear light while hanging over your kitchen surfaces. The size of the light pendants you pick will be determined by the size of the surfaces that you want to illuminate. You can go for one or a couple of pendant lights that are on the larger side. Or you can group multiple small pendant lights together. If the pendant lighting you go for comes with changeable bulbs, you will want to opt for cool white light bulbs as they are best for functional or task lighting.

In the bedroom, you could have your pendant lights hover over your bedside table. This means that they can serve both a functional and an aesthetic function. Preferably, you would want your light pendants to be fitted with dimmable bulb in the bedroom.

Dining rooms are best when they have a warm and accommodating mood. And pendant lights can help you achieve that mood, uniformly suspended over the dining table with warm white lamps. You simple can't go wrong with hanging lights.